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The Twist & Charge USB Charger ($17.95) is an innovative solution for making the best use of your power outlets. I imagine this must-have, nifty chargeris is particularly useful in public places like airports where everyone is trying to get charged up and there’s only a couple of outlets available.

Here's how it works: a USB socket connects to a metal tab, which accommodates either a 2-prong or 3-prong male AC plug.

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ATV Trail Rider reviews our Sport Case with Strap Mount

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This morning, I received what appears to be magic in a box. Bracketron’s NanoTek Stand uses micro-suction technology to stick to flat surfaces and hold iPhones and iPad minis without a ledge or any magnets. This device was originally a Kickstarter project called the SETA Smartphone Stand and now Bracketron has partnered with SETA to offer the product to the masses.

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With a name like the Mi-T Grip, you expect this dash mount from Bracketron to be either A.) sold on some late night TV commercial, or B.) …actually, no. You just expect A. Thankfully, the Mi-T Grip Dash Mount rises above its name, and is the first to successfully address each of my dash mount needs.

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CNET recently reviewed the Mi-T Grip praising several of the product’s unique features including:

  • Secure suction cup grip that works well with dashboard materials
  • Adjustable claw that secures phones tightly
  • Mount locking that holds the Mi-T Grip in place with almost no shake
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