back to school

This time of year marks the season when the days of a carefree summer—full of lounging by the pool, visits to the beach and family vacations—comes to an end and school is back in session. Whether you’re continuing to work toward your high school diploma or getting ready to move closer to achieving your Bachelor’s Degree, these apps can help get things rolling this year.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Did you forget your TI-83 Calculator for that trig test? The RealCalc Scientific Calculator allows you to have a fully functional scientific calculator ready to use at a moment’s notice. With professors becoming more lenient on the use of tablets and smartphones during their classes, what’s holding you back from downloading this one? Android; free


An extended summer break can be the perfect (and unfortunate) way for you to forget some of the things you learned in your foreign language class from the previous year. This app can help refresh your foreign language memory so that, come the first day of class, you’re ready to pick right up where you left off. Android, iOS; free


Is correctly citing your sources the most trying part of writing research papers? This app is here to help and is extremely easy to use! All you need to do is scan the barcode of the book or type in the title and the MLA or APA citation is properly formatted and emailed to you. Android, iOS; free


Are you in bind and need your classmate to help you out on one of the tasks needed to complete before the next class you have? This App can help! GroupMe lets you easily set up group messages to quickly communicate with people, making it a great way to communicate with your classmates when working on a group project together. iOS; free