PwrUp Qi Fast Wireless Charger

PwrUp Qi Fast Wireless Charging

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Part Number: BT2-839-2
The PwrUp Qi Fast Wireless Charging station was designed to provide wireless charging for all Qi-enabled mobile phones and phones with a Qi receiver.

Check to see if your phone is Qi enabled .


  • This product meets Qi/Automotive Aftermarket Specifications and certified by Wireless Power Consortium
  • Temporbond base will mount to virtually any flat surface, from dashboards to nightstands
  • The advanced design firmly grips your phone to keep your device on charging sweet spot
  • Works with Samsung S7, Samsung Note 5,Nokia Lumina 1520, LGG4, Motorola, Droid Turbo and the Google Nexus 7, plus many more.
  • Charging cable included
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