Bracketron EZCharge Dual 3.4A

EZCharge Dual 3.4A

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Part Number: BT2-647-2/BT2-648-2
The EZCharge Dual 3.4A works great with your smartphone, GPS or tablet in your car. You are able to charge two electronic devices at the same time. The EZCharge 3.4A has a dual output (1A + 2.4A). You can select from two different options, either silver and black or all black.

  • The Bracketron EZCharge 3.4A features the Anyway USB Port. You don’t have to fumble with the cord, making sure you have the correct side up. You can just plug in and go.
  • When you are on the road, you don’t have to worry about sharing your charger with anyone. There are two USB plug ins. Kids don’t have to fight over who is next either.
  • Truckers can charge their smartphones, GPS, tablet and other portable devices. Picture you and your wife on the road. She is catching up on a few shows she missed. You are using the GPS, both of you are going to need to charge soon. The EZCharge 3.4A will charge both of your devices.

    The EZCharge Dual 3.4A is designed to blend in with your dash. This bullet charger will make traveling a breeze with the Anyway USB Port. You can listen to your music, videos or movies without having to worry about your devices dying.

    # BT26472
    # BT26482

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