PwrUp Qi Magnet Mount

PwrUp Qi Magnet Mount

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Part Number: BT2-653-2
Keep the charge going, no matter where you are. The PwrUp Qi Magnet Mount offers a new way to charge your Qi-compliant smartphones. The 10w certified Qi charger will allow your phone to charge at the fastest speed possible. This mount features a strong magnet that will hold your device securely while on the road. For easy one-handed operation, you simply attach the metal bars to the back of your phone and you’re ready to go. You can adjust the height of optimal viewing by sliding the device holder up/down or vertical/horizontal. The suction cup is made with our Temporbond material, which allows you to mount it to smooth or textured surfaces. If your mount ever becomes “un-sticky”, you can clean the suction cup with warm, soapy water and let it air dry. You can easily attach and remove the mount at any time and is transferrable between vehicles. There is an optional vent bracket with a stabilizer bar included, giving you multiple ways to mount your smartphone. You will also receive a captive USB-C cable for charging.


  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Strong magnets with easy to apply metal bars
  • Temporbond suction cup- allows you to attach to smooth or textured surfaces
  • 10W certified Qi charger- allows your phone to charge at the fastest speed possible
  • Includes captive USB-C cable for charging
  • Optional vent bracket
  • One Year Warranty

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