Bruce Pagel

On July 29th at 2:29 PM, Bruce Pagel’s Semi was pushed into the ditch by a gust of  wind and the truck flipped on its side, leaving him trapped. “Hitting the driveway was like hitting a brick wall”, Bruce said in reference to his accident. As a result from the accident, Bruce broke his neck and shoulder. He was able to get himself out of his seat belt; he then slid into the passenger seat. While looking for help, Bruce noticed his iPhone 6 Plus was still in tact on his windshield, “the mount never moved.” Bruce was able to reach for his phone and dial 9-1-1. 

He had surgery the day after infusing his 5,6, and 7 vertebrae together. He then had surgery on his shoulder this last may. His seat belt is what did the damaged but also saved his life. Bruce will never have feeling in his left thumb, first two fingers or up his arm anymore. It’s been over a year since the accident and he still isn’t cleared to work. This is something he will never forget. 

As a company, we strive to make our mounts durable, while enforcing hands-free driving on the road. You never think about being in this kind of situation, but if you are, you want to know that your phone is where you want it to be.  Bruce was still able to call for help without any hassle, since his large phone was still in the mount.