1. Bracketron Releases the Newest Line of PwrUp Phone Mounts

    With new technology on the rise, we at Bracketron find it important to make sure you have the latest technology that fits your budget and style. We strive to push the ability of what our phone mounts and accessories can do for you. With that said, we’re happy to introduce our latest phone mounts for your iPhone, Android, Pixels, and more! 

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  2. Continuing to Provide Quality Products & Services

    Due to recent developments with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to provide an update on the measures we've put into place. The health and safety of our community and our employees is our top priority and we're committed to protecting those around us.

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  3. Bracketron X - A Revolution In Heavy Duty Device Mounts

    (Minneapolis, MN) - Today marks a change in the industry for heavy duty mounts for smartphone, tablets, and GPS. Bracketron officially releases a new line of heavy duty mounts; the HD (Heavy Duty) Pro series. Bracketron X.

    Between these three mounts will be the ability to safely and securely hold a tablet, phone, or GPS unit with the aid of military grade aluminum, knurled ball and socket joints for full 360 degree rotation, oversized wingnuts for additional tightening leverage, and a supersized TemporbondTM butyl suction cup with high-impact plastic base cap to ensure your tools and devices are properly secured to any surface. The result is a durable metal mount that is able to stand up to the daily work professionals need.


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  4. Bracketron to Attend CES 2020 with New Product Showcase

    Bracketron will be bringing a plethora of new products that not only push for a solution to create safer driving habits, but also providing modern-day solutions in a world that’s integrated more of its assets into a digital mobile platform.

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  5. Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts for this Holiday

    ‘Tis the season for trying to find Christmas and Holiday gifts for your friends and family. Bracketron has the gifts that won’t end up as next year’s White Elephant. Skip the gift cards that’ll get lost in a wallet or the subscriptions to the Jelly of the Month Club. Bracketron has the perfect stocking stuffers that are both affordable and useful for anyone in your office or family. 

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    Cyber Monday and Black Friday are coming up fast! Before you know it you’re too late to request Monday off and are left trying to secretly hide your phone so your boss doesn’t catch you shopping online.  Bracketron is done with the two-day-hassle. Our November deals guide will help you find the best phone mount for your car for the upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping events. Each of these mounts are in our Holiday Sale to help you beat the ru

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  7. Bracketron to Attend AAPEX/SEMA Expo for 2019

    Bracketron is happy to announce our attendance at the AAPEX/SEMA show for 20019! While attending the AAPEX show Bracketron will be featuring various new products that have launched this year in our effort to both help curb distracted driving, as well as create an affordable, easy-to-use, universal phone mount option for drivers to be hands-free compliant with state law.

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    (Minneapolis, MN) – Bracketron’s Grip-iT car phone mount system remains the best car phone mount for drivers who want a simple phone holder while maintaining a secure grip over some of the roughest roads around.

    The Bracketron Grip-iT car phone mount has a proven track record that dates back to some of the earliest phone holder devices which have spawned countless iteration designs to fit a driver’s specific needs. The Grip-iT series continues to prove it still has what it takes to compete against the new phone mount systems of today.

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  9. Mechanical Innovation to Help Curb Distracted Driving

    new product press release header

    Introducing Bracketron’s most versatile and affordable mount, the OneClick Dash and Vent Mount series. Bracketron’s OneClick mounts utilize the physics of friction to keep drivers’ phones locked securely into place, while still maintaining easy, hands free driving compliance. 

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  10. The Ultimate Car Phone Mount Guide

    title image

    Finding the right phone mount for your vehicle has never been more tailored to your needs, but all the options can create a mind-numbing amount of possibilities. Although there’s no such thing as a single end-all solution for every person, this post will help you navigate the waters to assist in finding the best phone mount for your vehicle.

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