Cyber Monday and Black Friday are coming up fast! Before you know it you’re too late to request Monday off and are left trying to secretly hide your phone so your boss doesn’t catch you shopping online.  Bracketron is done with the two-day-hassle. Our November deals guide will help you find the best phone mount for your car for the upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping events. Each of these mounts are in our Holiday Sale to help you beat the ru

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  2. Bracketron to Attend AAPEX/SEMA Expo for 2019

    Bracketron is happy to announce our attendance at the AAPEX/SEMA show for 20019! While attending the AAPEX show Bracketron will be featuring various new products that have launched this year in our effort to both help curb distracted driving, as well as create an affordable, easy-to-use, universal phone mount option for drivers to be hands-free compliant with state law.

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    (Minneapolis, MN) – Bracketron’s Grip-iT car phone mount system remains the best car phone mount for drivers who want a simple phone holder while maintaining a secure grip over some of the roughest roads around.

    The Bracketron Grip-iT car phone mount has a proven track record that dates back to some of the earliest phone holder devices which have spawned countless iteration designs to fit a driver’s specific needs. The Grip-iT series continues to prove it still has what it takes to compete against the new phone mount systems of today.

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  4. Mechanical Innovation to Help Curb Distracted Driving

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    Introducing Bracketron’s most versatile and affordable mount, the OneClick Dash and Vent Mount series. Bracketron’s OneClick mounts utilize the physics of friction to keep drivers’ phones locked securely into place, while still maintaining easy, hands free driving compliance. 

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  5. The Ultimate Car Phone Mount Guide

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    Finding the right phone mount for your vehicle has never been more tailored to your needs, but all the options can create a mind-numbing amount of possibilities. Although there’s no such thing as a single end-all solution for every person, this post will help you navigate the waters to assist in finding the best phone mount for your vehicle.

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  6. PwrUp Series Wireless Charging Mounts

    Minneapolis, MN – October 14, 2019 - Bracketron’s new PwrUp Qi Magnet Phone Mount is changing the way drivers go hands free. Drivers with wireless charging compatible phones can effortlessly charge their phone while it sits securely within a powerful magnetic mount. As more states start to enact distracted driving laws, drivers are required to have their phones securely placed in a mount.

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  7. Minnesota Hands-Free

    Minneapolis, MN – August 7, 2019 - Bracketron is actively responding to Minnesota’s new Hands-Free law.

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  8. Free Your Power

    Bracketron, an industry leader in universal mounts and accessories for mobile devices, announces the new Qdapter travel adapter

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  9. Twice Picks Awards

    The PwrUp Qi Magnet MountTM by Bracketron® offers a new way to power up wireless charging enabled smartphones. The 10-watt, Qi certified mount allows smartphones to charge at their fastest speed possible, includes charging cable and vent bracket, and comes with unique wireless charging app to help your phone charge faster. 

    To make it even easier to charge the smartphone correctly, download Bracketron’s Qi wireless charging app via QR code in the instruction manual to optimize any smartphone’s wireless charging performance. The app features an alignment system that ensures the smartphone hits the charging “sweet spot” to receive the fastest charge possible. The app also includes a detailed breakdown of the battery usage for different apps on the smartphone. Another bonus, the home screen highlights your remaining battery life. It’s an all-in-one package, designed for anyone who needs a seamless way to keep their wireless charging smartphone fully powered. 


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  10. Holiday Stocking Stuffers You Can't Pass Up!

    Minneapolis, MN – December 4, 2018Gear up for the busy holiday season with Bracketron,the industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for today's most popular mobile devices.

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