1. Continuing to Provide Quality Products & Services

    Due to recent developments with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to provide an update on the measures we've put into place. The health and safety of our community and our employees is our top priority and we're committed to protecting those around us.

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  2. Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts for this Holiday

    ‘Tis the season for trying to find Christmas and Holiday gifts for your friends and family. Bracketron has the gifts that won’t end up as next year’s White Elephant. Skip the gift cards that’ll get lost in a wallet or the subscriptions to the Jelly of the Month Club. Bracketron has the perfect stocking stuffers that are both affordable and useful for anyone in your office or family. 

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    Cyber Monday and Black Friday are coming up fast! Before you know it you’re too late to request Monday off and are left trying to secretly hide your phone so your boss doesn’t catch you shopping online.  Bracketron is done with the two-day-hassle. Our November deals guide will help you find the best phone mount for your car for the upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping events. Each of these mounts are in our Holiday Sale to help you beat the ru

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  4. The Ultimate Car Phone Mount Guide

    title image

    Finding the right phone mount for your vehicle has never been more tailored to your needs, but all the options can create a mind-numbing amount of possibilities. Although there’s no such thing as a single end-all solution for every person, this post will help you navigate the waters to assist in finding the best phone mount for your vehicle.

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  5. Apple releases new phone with Qi Wireless Charging

    Apple announced the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, which features Qi (pronounced CHEE) wireless charging. Along with many other new features, the Qi Wireless charging allows Apple users a hassle-free way to charge their iPhones while on the go. 

    “We strive to promote safe driving and what better way to do that than having a Qi Wireless Charging mount. Although wireless charging has been available in the marketplace, Apple has brought the technology to the forefront with the launch the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X that are all Qi-enabled. We want drivers to remain hands-free while on the road, now they don’t have to fumble around with charging cables.” – Andy Chow, Vice President Product & Business Development at Bracketron.

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  6. Uber Edition Dash Mount wins award at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

    TWICE Honors Best Of CES 2017 With Picks Awards

    TWICE is proud to announce the winners of its third annual TWICE Picks Awards, honoring the best products at CES 2017. TWICE editors reviewed over 170 entrants, the most in its history, and chose winners based on the impact they’re expected to have at retail and the marketplace.


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  7. California Passes New Law


    As of January 1, 2017, California drivers will face a fine for handling their smartphone while driving.  Even if you do not live in California, this information is important to know.

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  8. Bob Toski: One of Golfs Greatest Teachers

    Bob Toski is one of the most popular and unforgettable professional golfers and instructors of any era. Checking in at 118 pounds in his youth, Toski was considered one of the longest pound-for-pound drivers. He competed in 21 major championships, and won 11 overall events on the PGA and Champions Tours.

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  9. Distracted Driving: Personal Stories

    The month of April, which is devoted to distracted driving and the dangers that come with it, may be at an end, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about it all year. The dangers are present 365 days a year, which is why it’s no surprise that 43 states and U.S. territories have banned texting while driving for all drivers. Still not convinced that it’s not okay to shoot a quick text while you’re behind the wheel? Just watch these videos of people personally impacted by distracted driving.

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  10. Infographic: Distracted Driving Facts

    April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Get to know the facts. This infographic has facts about distracted driving and why you should do everything you can to avoid distractions and support safe driving.

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