1. Best Apps to Prevent Texting While Driving

    Texting while driving is a huge issue today, particularly amongst teenagers, who want to stay in constant communication with their friends. According to, the average time a person’s eyes are off the road when texting is five seconds. When driving 55 MPH, that’s the equivalent of driving the length of a football field while blindfolded. To combat this, companies are coming out with apps disable the ability to send or receive texts when behind the wheel. Drivers should just automatically refrain from texting while driving, but if you are worried about your own self-control or your teens refusing to listen, these apps will help prevent texting while on the road.

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  2. Mi-T Grip featured on the Weather Channel

    Check out the latest coverage of the Mi-T Grip on the Weather Channel.

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  3. Review in ATV Trail Rider

    ATV Trail Rider reviews our Sport Case with Strap Mount

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  4. Hold Your Device Firmly With Bracketron

    It is safe to say that I have been on a quest for the perfect smartphone mount for my vehicle for quite a long time. Knowing exactly who and how I am, it is also safe to say I will probably never find it. That being said, the folks over at Bracketron were very kind to send me their Mi-T Grip smartphone dash and window mount to try and convince me theirs is the best.

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  5. Are Suction Cup Windshield Mounts Legal In Your State?

    If you currently possess a Windshield Mount and are now aware of your State’s Laws against them, we offer perfect solutions so you can still use your windshield mount in your vehicle. Convert your windshield mount to a dashboard mount.

    Below you can find a list of which states have laws against the use of windshield mounts in the vehicle, and other mounting solutions for your vehicle.

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  6. Bracketron Mi-T Grip Dash Mount review by AppleTell

    With a name like the Mi-T Grip, you expect this dash mount from Bracketron to be either A.) sold on some late night TV commercial, or B.) …actually, no. You just expect A. Thankfully, the Mi-T Grip Dash Mount rises above its name, and is the first to successfully address each of my dash mount needs.

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  7. Bracketron made CNET's list of best smartphone mounts

    Two of Bracketron's mounts made CNET's latest review of the top smartphone mounts when going hands-free in your vehicle.

    Check out CNET's review, Go hands-free with these smartphone mounts.

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  8. CNET gives the Mi-T grip 4 out of 5 stars

    CNET recently reviewed the Mi-T Grip praising several of the product’s unique features including:

    • Secure suction cup grip that works well with dashboard materials
    • Adjustable claw that secures phones tightly
    • Mount locking that holds the Mi-T Grip in place with almost no shake
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