Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts for this Holiday

‘Tis the season for trying to find Christmas and Holiday gifts for your friends and family. Bracketron has the gifts that won’t end up as next year’s White Elephant. Skip the gift cards that’ll get lost in a wallet or the subscriptions to the Jelly of the Month Club. Bracketron has the perfect stocking stuffers that are both affordable and useful for anyone in your office or family. 

As this is the height of the travel season, be it by plane, train or automobile, Bracketron is happy to provide your giftees some great products that won’t break the bank.

From now until the end of the year, get our new Stocking Stuff deals and save yourself the hassle of driving around town desperately trying to find something that won’t be immediately set aside. Bracketron has the best phone mount options around, and can help you become hands-free compliant this holiday season!

Roadtripper Travel Mount

For those traveling by plane, we can’t emphasize our Roadtripper Travel Mount enough. This is the mount for those who will be spending time in a plane seat, which will most likely not have a screen or monitor. Airlines are cutting costs, and seat-backs monitors are the first locations they look to. It’s annoying, but take advantage of a mount that will hold your phone, tablet, and even your Nintendo Switch in numerous configurations. 

Not only does the Roadtripper Travel Mount fit to airplane seatbacks, but it can also transform into a phone mount for your vent, and fold in a configuration that allows it to become a stand. This has been used by professional travel bloggers around the world and has received great praise over the years.

Grip-iT Tek-Grip BOGO

Finally, our most-special stocking stuffer is actually a BOGO! Buy any Grip-iT or Tek-Grip and get a free PwrRev cable of your choice! With the added cable thrown in for free drivers will be able to securely hold their phone as it charges. 

Our Grip-iT and Tek-Grip mounts are a tried-and-true series of mounts that come in a variety of configurations. Mount it to your vent, suction cup to your windshield, dash mount, cup holder mount, and even a power-dock that can fit inside the 12-volt outlet in your vehicle! With a 3.5” wide grip, either of these car phone mounts will make a perfect addition to your family or friends’ car.

Roadtripper VOICE

If you know someone who’s going to be driving over the river and through the woods, they might enjoy the latest Bluetooth 5.0 to connect the advanced features of their phone directly to their sleigh! That’s right, the Roadtripper Voice uses the latest Bluetooth transmitter technology to go beyond simply taking calls. Drivers can now use Siri and Google Assistant for a more-seamless operation to keep eyes on the road while making calls or streaming their favorite playlists.