With a name like the Mi-T Grip, you expect this dash mount from Bracketron to be either A.) sold on some late night TV commercial, or B.) …actually, no. You just expect A. Thankfully, the Mi-T Grip Dash Mount rises above its name, and is the first to successfully address each of my dash mount needs. 

Let’s tackle these needs one by one.

Low Profile

Many dash mounts I’ve tried have long arms with multiple points of articulation. That’s great for flexibility of placement, but bad in that they’re distractive. Worse, the longer the arm and the more points of articulation you have, the more the dash will bounce as you drive.

The Mi-T Grip has just one point of articulation right at the gripping claw, and it’s easily tightened to the point where you get virtually no bounce at all (beyond the natural bounce of your car, of course). And if you prefer windshield mounting like I do, the low profile design doesn’t draw your attention away from the road.

Freedom of Placement

As I mentioned above, I prefer to mount my iPhone 5 just under the rear view mirror of my Toyota Matrix; it’s right at eye level so I can keep my eyes up and on the road, and the center placement makes it easy for my wife to see, too, so she knows I’m not second guessing the Maps app again.

This may not always be the case, however, and I’d like options when it comes time to get a new car or move it to someone else’s. The Mi-T Grip’s suction cup is made of a gel-like, somewhat tacky substance called Temporbond that makes it great for mounting on your dash even if it has a bit of texture to it, with no special mounting plate required; just make sure you’ve completely cleaned and dried the dash area before mounting.

Accommodates Multiple Devices/Cases

Previously, my favorite dash mount was Navigon’s iPhone 4 Design Car Kit; the problem of which is right there in the title. It’s still in use in my wife’s car, because she still has an iPhone 4S. When she upgrades later this year, the Navigon mount will become obsolete because it’s designed specifically for the iPhone 4 form factor. This is not a problem with the Mi-T Grip Dash Mount. It’s latch mechanism firmly grips the sides of your iPhone, and doesn’t at all interfere with any of the buttons, speaker or jacks. Whether you prefer to view your device in landscape or portrait mode, the rubber padding on the latch arms firmly secures the iPhone even in most cases.

The Bracketron Mi-T Grip Dash Mount will cost you about $5 to $10 more than similarly modeled mounts, but its freedom of placement and ability to adapt to your changing devices/automobiles mean you’ll likely get more use out of it. It’s good to know that when I’m using my iPhone 9 in my Tesla S, my Mi-T Grip will still be able to do the job.

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