If you currently possess a Windshield Mount and are now aware of your State’s Laws against them, we offer perfect solutions so you can still use your windshield mount in your vehicle. Convert your windshield mount to a dashboard mount.

Below you can find a list of which states have laws against the use of windshield mounts in the vehicle, and other mounting solutions for your vehicle.

States in Which Windshield Mounts Are Illegal



This information is based on a report by POI Factory. Their research was on GPS windshield mounts in particular; however, many of the laws they found prohibited any item from being mounted on the windshield. Check out their report for links to wording of each state’s law.

Where Else Can You Mount Your Device?

An alternative to mounting on your windshield is to use a dashboard or air vent mount for your GPS or phone.

However, make sure to check the laws in your state on any specific rules that may prohibit you from mounting devices in other locations.