Cyber Monday and Black Friday are coming up fast! Before you know it you’re too late to request Monday off and are left trying to secretly hide your phone so your boss doesn’t catch you shopping online. 

Bracketron is done with the two-day-hassle. Our November deals guide will help you find the best phone mount for your car for the upcoming Cyber Monday and Black Friday shopping events. Each of these mounts are in our Holiday Sale to help you beat the rush.


Bracketron PwrUp Gravity Mount with Wireless Fast-Charge 

Not only is the PwrUp Gravity Mount our newest offering but it’s one of the most ground-breaking mounts. The PwrUp Gravity Mount utilizes Qi Wireless Charging technology lets you charge your phone in a state of fast-charge every time you drop your smartphone into the mount. Pair this mount with our PwrUp App, and your phone will show you exactly where to mount your phone, as well as monitor your battery’s charge. This is the perfect gift for that techy person you know.
The PwrUp Gravity Mount is also a great gift for those who are “gig economists,” driving for groups such as Uber, Lyft, Door Dash, etc. Available in a suction cup dash/windshield mount, or vent mount.


Grip-iT Cupholder Phone Mount and Series

The Grip-iT holds a special place in our hearts and will easily win your heart, too. It’s one of our great deals that comes in at a super low price but has some of the heavy-duty mechanical gripping functionality. Even better is the arms’ ability to open to 4.5”. It even adjusts its arms for a longer grip!
The Grip-iT is for people who don’t mind less tech, but want to know that their phone is secure. With its age comes numerous mounting abilities, including dash or vent mount, windshield mount, and even comes in a cupholder mount option!


QuickMagnet Ultra and Accessories

The QuickMagnet series is unique in its offerings, but magnetic mounting is its primary function. This is a great mount for phones without Qi wireless charging but keep the quick mounting ability. Simply mount it to your dash or vent, add your metal strip, and the super-powerful magnet will do the rest! We’ve also added two feet at the bottom to make sure it sits perfectly when the roads get too bumpy.
If none of that tickles your fancy, we offer the O2 and Ti models to fit your cup holder or power outlet!


Lux Magnet Phone Mount

The intent of the Lux phone mount was to offer a solution for those with a need for an impeccable style that also compliments the interior of their vehicle. Our Lux Magnet Mount offers a stylish magnetic head design with chrome accents for a professional, respectable look, that can mount on your dash, vent, or windshield.
If magnets aren’t your thing, but you still want to keep a high-end look, the Lux Universal Phone Holder is another great option. With the same professional look as the magnet mount, the Lux Universal Phone Holder utilizes high compression springs to grip your phone. No magnets, no metal strips, just a simple and easy-to-use design that can be mounted to your vehicle’s dash, vent, or windshield!


Roadtripper VOICE

Although this isn’t a phone mount, the Roadtripper VOICE turns any vehicle with old Bluetooth, or vehicles with no Bluetooth at all, into a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter. Drivers can sync their phones by simply tuning the VOICE and radio to a blank station and pairing their phone to the device!
As more states pass distracted driving laws, the Roadtripper VOICE is a must if you want to make calls and listen to your music. Even better is that the VOICE is iPhone and Android compatible, and works with Siri and Google Assistant!



When you think about it, a $30 mount is far less than a $100+ ticket. Our goal is to make sure your phone is secured with a mount that best fits your needs. As technology changes, we make sure we change with it to ensure you get the best possible phone mount for your vehicle. More states are adopting Distracted Driving laws due to the epidemic, so it only makes sense to have something that will keep you from losing even more money.

As Black Friday deals begin to roll out, don’t forget about the stocking stuffers that can really go far for an affordable price. These phone mounts will also be available during our pre-Cyber Monday deals, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking to purchase some early holiday or Christmas gifts! 

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