Keep the charge going – wirelessly – with the PwrUp Qi Magnet MountTM by Bracketron®

 The PwrUp Qi Magnet MountTM by Bracketron® offers a new way to power up wireless charging enabled smartphones. The 10-watt, Qi certified mount allows smartphones to charge at their fastest speed possible, includes charging cable and vent bracket, and comes with unique wireless charging app to help your phone charge faster. 

 The options are endless on where to secure the mount. With Bracketron’s TemporbondTM suction technology, the mount can be attached to a dash, window, desk or virtually any surface. Easily install and remove the mount at any time. 

 The mount features a strong magnet that holds the smartphone securely while driving. To use the mount, simply attach Bracketron’s patent pending metal rails to the smartphone using the placement template, and it’s ready to go. Easily adjust the height of the mount for optimal viewing by sliding the magnet head up/down or vertical/horizontal on the suction base. 

 Bracketron’s PwrUp Qi Magnet Mount includes a charging cord with the mount – supplying everything you need in a single package.

 Also included in the package is an optional vent bracket with stabilizer bar that attaches directly to the Qi charging magnet head, allowing for an additional way to mount the smartphone in any vehicle air vent. 

 To make it even easier to charge the smartphone correctly, download Bracketron’s Qi wireless charging app via QR code in the instruction manual to optimize any smartphone’s wireless charging performance. The app features an alignment system that ensures the smartphone hits the charging “sweet spot” to receive the fastest charge possible. The app also includes a detailed breakdown of the battery usage for different apps on the smartphone. Another bonus, the home screen highlights your remaining battery life. It’s an all-in-one package, designed for anyone who needs a seamless way to keep their wireless charging smartphone fully powered.