Ultimate Car Phone Mount Guide

Finding the right phone mount for your vehicle has never been more tailored to your needs, but all the options can create a mind-numbing amount of possibilities. Although there’s no such thing as a single end-all solution for every person, this post will help you navigate the waters to assist in finding the best phone mount for your vehicle.

The first step in finding the right mount for your vehicle is understanding where you want to mount the phone. Bracketron provides a number of solutions by giving users the options to use vent, dash, and window mounts all in one package for every device. First, sit in your car and find the best location for you to reach your phone, while keeping it away from your field of view in relation to the road. Please note: if you want to mount your phone to a vent it will block the airflow from that vent.

Now that you’ve found your perfect spot to mount your phone and go hands-free on the roadways, it’s time to ask yourself what kind of driver you are. The answer will help determine which type of mount you choose. Let’s get started!

General Travel or Commuter - QuikMagnet Ultra

You travel to and from work each day, drop off and pick the kids up from school or daycare, and generally use your vehicle as a utility to go from place-to-place. There’s less time spent in the car and more time spent doing things and enjoying experiences. If you associate yourself with this type of style, we suggest looking into our Bracketron QuickMagnet Ultra. It only requires a thin strip of metal on the back of your phone (with or without tape), and will practically grap the phone out of your hand the closer it gets to the powerful magnetic mount. We also carry the QuickMagnet Dash Mount version of the same product, if vent mounting isn’t your thing. The Tempurbond suction cup goes beyond the typical rubber mount you normally see, and instead utilizes a material that naturally sticks to nearly any surface with intense grip… and that’s before pressing down and locking it! Built into the magnetic mount are little flip-down feet to ensure it stays in place on rougher-than-average roads.

bluetooth converting products from bracketron

Drivers Without Bluetooth or Old Bluetooth Technology - Roadtripper FM | SYNC

Don’t have Bluetooth in your car? You’re not alone. Nearly half of all cars on US roads don’t have Bluetooth capabilities. But don’t fret, because Bracketron has you covered twice! The Roadtripper Car Audio Bluetooth FM Transmitter is simple and enjoyable when finding ways to make your car Bluetooth enabled. Just tune your station and pair your phone with the device, and that’s it!  Enjoy reduced noise and echo cancellation technology during calls, a simple design that doesn’t stick out, two USB ports, and an auxiliary port.

Want something with a few more modern features? Bracketron’s Roadtripper SYNC has all the bells and whistles to make sure you’re connected to The Internet of Things (IoT). The most intriguing feature of this transmitter is that your phone fully syncs to the device, allowing users to fully utilizr Siri or Google Assistant commands while keeping your eyes on the road. A more modern design gives the SYNC a more up-to-date feel while keeping its profile low.

simple phone mount for minimalist drivers

A Minimalist Phone Mount - OneClick Dash Mount

Clutter sucks. It ruins the original design of the vehicle and it just doesn’t look good. It’s one of the many reasons why we developed the OneClick Dash Mount. Nothing to stick on, no wires, just a pure piece of kit that secures your phone through pressure and friction. The OneClick can be mounted to your vent, dash, or window for optimum ease of use. With a 3.25” wide reach, the OneClick will be able to hold just about any phone in its grasp.

magnetic phone mount with charger

Professional Gig Economy Drivers - PwrUp Wireless Charger


A perfect mount for people who are always on the go. You may be a professional driver, or you may work for multiple groups making deliveries, dropping people off, picking them up, or checking in at various locations. Obiviously, your job requires constant phone use to figure out where you’re going. Apps that utilize real-time directions while paired with Bluetooth devices can easily drain a phone’s battery in almost half the day. Bracketron’s PwrUp Qi Wireless Charger is your solution to this potentially costly issue.

The PwrUp Wireless Qi Magnet Mount utilizes powerful magnets to securely attach your phone, while still allowing users to quickly attach and remove their phone at a moment’s notice.

Not a fan of magnetic mounts? No problem! Bracketron’s PwrUp Qi Gravity Mount has all the same great features of wireless charging, but instead utilizes arms and feet to secure your phone rather than magnets. Simply download the Bracketron PwrUp mobile app and adjust the lower feet so that your phone’s wireless charging coil aligns with the charger for the fast charging experience and you’re all set! The weight of the phone naturally locks the phone in place. Lift up on the phone and both arms will release.

We didn’t stop there, though. To help maximize your charge, we developed an app that shows where your wireless charging coil is so that every time you set your phone onto the mount, your phone is immediately charging the fastest charge possible. The mobile PwrUp app even has a built-in battery monitor that automatically stops charging before the batter reaches 100% to ensure longer batter life and reducing battery fatigue. No other company does this.

laptop mount for vehicles and construction or sales

Construction and Sales - Universal Vehicle Laptop Mount


The technology and methods of construction in the trades may have changed in recent years with things like automation and BIM, but the need for quality and durability has always been a paramount. If you find yourself traveling from job site to job site utilizing laptops with more intensive processing power, our Universal Vehicle Laptop Mount will stand up to the daily needs of any job site.

The Bracketron Universal Vehicle Laptop Mount is also a great option for salesmen whose office has an engine block / electric motor. More companies are relying on 4G with 5G quickly rolling out in select cities. Our laptop mount will help you stay physically secured and connected to the advanced services need to help you in your profession. Heavy-duty aluminum tubing and clamping features will secure your laptop for worry-free operation. If need be, there’s an additional aluminum support tube specifically utilized for heavier bearing laptop loads.

With a system that bolts onto your vehicle, and constructed of strong, durable aluminum tubing, this is the first and last laptop mount for your vehicle…well, unless you get a new vehicle…

With the amount of experience Bracketron has, dating back to the days of the first GPS mounts, we are more than happy to assist you in finding a mount that you can not only rely on, but a mount that fits your lifestyle and needs. This was only a small sample of products we offer. If you’re in the market for a new phone mount but not sure what to get, we encourage you to give us a call at (952) 746-7775 or contact [email protected]. It’s our goal to make sure you receive the best quality mount for a safe and hands-free experience.