1. Uber Edition Dash Mount wins award at 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

    TWICE Honors Best Of CES 2017 With Picks Awards

    TWICE is proud to announce the winners of its third annual TWICE Picks Awards, honoring the best products at CES 2017. TWICE editors reviewed over 170 entrants, the most in its history, and chose winners based on the impact they’re expected to have at retail and the marketplace.


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  2. California Passes New Law


    As of January 1, 2017, California drivers will face a fine for handling their smartphone while driving.  Even if you do not live in California, this information is important to know.

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  3. Take Organization to the Next Level with Well & Goode's Gel Grip Lock Mounting Technology

    Bracketron debuts new Well & Goode line of organizational products, eliminating the need for suction cups and messy adhesive strips

    Minneapolis, MN – August 1, 2016 –- Bracketron, an industry leader in intelligent mounting solutions and accessories, announces the new Well & Goode line of effortless home organization. Featuring Gel Grip Lock technology, this fail-safe system delivers consistent holding power from the moment it’s attached until it’s released. It detaches without compromising surfaces, and is ready to be used again in any space. The line includes baskets, hooks, and shelves that will stay in place until you remove them. With Well & Goode, it’s never too late to make good on your New Year’s Resolution to get more organized.

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  4. Bracketron Launches Xventure TwistX 360 Line at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2015

    New TwistX 360 mounts work with any camera and rotate to capture all angles of adventure

    Minneapolis, MN – August 5, 2015 –- Bracketron introduces the Xventure TwistX 360 line of universal rotating camera mounts built to capture outdoor experiences using your favorite camera. With a 360-degree rotating base and adapters to provide compatibility with any action camera, the TwistX 360 Buckle Adapter, Clip, Wrist, Hand, Helmet, Shoulder and Pet Mounts are gear kit essentials for travel, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. The Xventure team will debut the new TwistX 360 line at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City, August 5-8 (Booth #PV3352).

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  5. Bob Toski: One of Golfs Greatest Teachers

    Bob Toski is one of the most popular and unforgettable professional golfers and instructors of any era. Checking in at 118 pounds in his youth, Toski was considered one of the longest pound-for-pound drivers. He competed in 21 major championships, and won 11 overall events on the PGA and Champions Tours.

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  6. Bracketron Expands Earth Elements Magnetic Mount Line at 2015 CES

    New magnetic car mounts and power dock offer charging capabilities and hands-free mobile device use; debuting at CES in Las Vegas, North Hall, Booth #6137

    Las Vegas, NV – January 08, 2015 –- Bracketron, industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for today's most popular mobile devices, announces new additions to the Earth Elements series that use specialized plates to securely mount your smartphone in your vehicle. With models available for your windshield, cup holder, dash and even your car’s 12V port for charging, these magnetic mounts allow you to keep your devices powered up and out of your hands while driving.

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  7. Bracketron Introduces Trucker Tough Mobile Accessories for Super-Duty, Rugged Needs on the Road

    Line including mounts, chargers, hooks and charge/sync cables launching at SEMA, November 4-7 in Las Vegas; Booth 12148

    Minneapolis, MN – Nov 04, 2014 –- As an industry leader in mounting solutions for mobile devices, Bracketron has launched the Trucker Tough line to cater to those who need a tougher, more rugged mounting option for their devices. Bracketron translates its expertise of universal mounting solutions to include this turbo-charged line for die hard pickup fans, truck fleet operators, off-roaders and RV-ers. Offering three mount options, the JawGrip™, Tough Tablet and Tough GPS, the Trucker Tough series caters to virtually any mobile device.

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  8. New Bracketron Smartphone Mounts Use Magnetic Energy to Snap and Secure Your Device in Place

    Magnetic car mounts offer a simple and safe solution for hands-free mobile device use; debuting at CTIA Super Mobility Week, Booth #1726

    Minneapolis, MN – Sept 10, 2014 –  – Bracketron, industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for today's most popular mobile devices, introduces the new Earth Elements mount series that use magnetic plates to securely mount your smartphone in your vehicle. The new mounts work with virtually any smartphone, including popular models like iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note and Google Nexus. With models available for your dashboard or vent, you simply attach the magnetic mounting plates to your smartphone, with or without a case, and click your phone into place on the mount. The magnetic plates make it effortless to snap your phone on and off.

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  9. Distracted Driving: Personal Stories

    The month of April, which is devoted to distracted driving and the dangers that come with it, may be at an end, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about it all year. The dangers are present 365 days a year, which is why it’s no surprise that 43 states and U.S. territories have banned texting while driving for all drivers. Still not convinced that it’s not okay to shoot a quick text while you’re behind the wheel? Just watch these videos of people personally impacted by distracted driving.

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  10. Infographic: Distracted Driving Facts

    April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Get to know the facts. This infographic has facts about distracted driving and why you should do everything you can to avoid distractions and support safe driving.

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