Bracketron TekGrip Dash Mount

TekGrip Dash Mount

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Part Number: $BT1-662-2
The TekGrip Dash Mount gives you options of either viewing portrait or landscape. You can easily remove the mount and re-attach anywhere you would like to. The suction cup is made of a sticky temporbond material, allowing you to stick the mount on textured surfaces.

  • Need an easy fix to hold your smartphone or GPS? The TekGrip Dash Mount has a holder that can expand up to 3.5" wide and a 360-degree rotation. You or your passenger can view their device at any comfortable angle they choose.

  • The TekGrip Dash Mount is a universal mount. It has a one bottom push release. There is no need to expand the wings with your hands. The device holder also has foldable legs that give your device extra support when needed.

  • You can listen to music, videos or your GPS, while being hands-free. The arms have an opening, giving you easy access to your buttons and controls. Also, you can place your mount wherever you need it to be, on your dash, window, or desk.

  • The dash mount is easy to install. All you have to do is clean the surface, place the suction cup down and twist the base, creating suction. Your mount will not move until you want it to.

    The TekGrip Dash Mount makes it easy to work with most devices. You can easily pop your smartphone or GPS in and out without hassle. Whether you are on a road trip or driving around town, this mount will provide the best viewing angle possible. There are foam pads, which will protect your device from scratching against the mount.
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