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GameSense - Gaming Sensor Mount for XBox, PS4, and WiiU

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GameSense mounts your PS4 Camera, XBox One Kinect, or Wii Sensor Bar to your TV, keeping you in the action! The GameSense attaches easily to the top of your flat panel TV, aligning your sensor and and securing it from movement or falls. With the rise of motion-assisted gaming and Virtual Reality systems, mounting your sensor keeps it at the optimal angle through every dance move, jump, or tennis swing.

GameSense comes with double-sided tape and a bolt, which allow you to securely mount your sensor at the best angle. If these sensor bars get jostled from their position, it will result in poor communication with the controller. In the heat of the moment, this can mean the difference between planting the flag or getting caught out, making the final pass or taking second, winning or losing. With the wide shelf design, you can take a set-it-and-forget-it attitude toward your mount, rather than needing to check it before a gaming session.

We have heard some horror stories from within the gaming trenches, which led to the creation of the GameSense. Whether or not they are true, GameSense would have kept your sensor mounted:
  • Cats prowling around entertainment centers, showing sensors some “love” with their tails
  • Moms “tidying up” the gaming area, resulting in needing to setup and re-calibrate the sensor before gaming
  • During a fierce tennis match, an errant jump caused the sensor to move, turning an otherwise climatic point into a do-over (or an argument…)

    No matter your system, regardless of the genre, GameSense will provide stability and security for your XBox Kinect, PlayStation Camera, or Wii Sensor Bar.
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