Bracketron's Nav-Pro Windshield Mount

Universal Nav-Pro

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Part Number: SWM-400-BL
Featuring a 360° rotating AMPS hole pattern mounting head, the Universal Nav-Pro is the ideal solution for mounting your mobile device in your vehicle.

The included T-Notch AMPS Adapter Plate, makes mounting any of Bracketron's Device Holders, or other other single T-Notch devices a snap.

The "Quick Lock and Release Lever" allows for easy-on/easy-off mounting. and makes moving the piece from vehicle to vehicle ideal for multi-car households and individuals with multiple mobile devices.

Also included is a set of GPS Ball Adapters which can be used for mounting many Garmin and TomTom GPS units to the windshield or used in conjunction with the Bracketron Nav-Mat Portable GPS Dash Mount.


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